MANUAL to the use of the Addon TICKETING for ReportOne

The Nios4 Ticketing System is a portal that organizes the management of customer support requests, customizable and editable, aimed at the customer who must manage the requests for assistance and intervention that their customers require via calls, whatsapp, messages and emails. In order not to get lost in the management of requests, Ticketing organizes and shows all requests and history from the beginning to the resolution of the intervention within the Management. The system is addressed to the owner of the service and to those who use the service, automatically notifying by email all updates, integrated in ReportOne.

For the owner of the service:

The owner of the service is the one who offers the ticket service to his customers. Ticketing is located between the sections on the left.

It is MANDATORY to fill in the following fields:

1. FILL IN THE FIELDS in the table Your DATA: In the additional table Main: Company Name, E-Mail and set a Logo for your business.
2. To make the service available to your Customers Provide the link provided to you at the end of the component installation, in the tab Ticket named " Url System, Ticket" to have them register for the first time to the service through a registration form, then they will have access to all the features with their credentials, always accessing the link above.

To DEEPEN the Functioning:

Once all the installation procedure is done correctly, there will be new tables and new features within the program. What will have weight for the ticket service will be the Customer Table, the new Ticket Table and all the new fields in the Info Table, visible under the Your Data Table.

Customer Section. The Customers section is the section where all your customers will be saved. With the update you will see opening the Customer Sheet a new field, named Check Ticket.

Ticket section. In this section there will be all requests for support. The fields are N series, the Title of the request, the State (Open, Suspended, Reprogrammed, Executed), the Priority indicating the emergency level of the request (Low, Medium, High), the Description of the request, the Requested Date, that is the date on which the request was sent, and the Customer who made the ticket request. You can then make changes such as updating the progress of the request.

In the Tab Your Data. In Options in the Tab Your Data there will be a series of data to be filled in for the operation of the ticketing service, some mandatory others optional to customize the view of the Ticket fields.

FIELDS ALREADY 'PRE-COMPILED, BUT CUSTOMIZABLE (Better not change the name of these fields) in the table Your data: In the Additional Table Ticket all fields are already filled with the name viewable on both the owner and customer side, when accessing your viewing panel.

The Ticket Fields tab is where you can set limits on what your customer will see or how they will interact. It will refer to the Ticket Section so it will have as many rows as there are columns in the Ticket Section.

For the final customer who uses the service

Watch the video and share these simple instructiosn with your customer. The perfect solution even for those who are not keen of technology.

To add a new Field list with Dropdown Menu

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