Addons Components ready to use

Enhance ReportOne with ready-made Add-ons available on the Marketplace integrated into the program. Cross-platform components that you can use on all your devices. Extensions, Reports, Print Modules, Additional Sections and much more...

Look for the Icon of the Marketplace in the program

The new Addons

Ticketing Assistance Requests

Portal for managing and keeping track of Customer Assistance Requests integrated into the ReportOne management system in Cloud

Edit Prices items in bulk

Increase, discount prices on items applying a percentage of increase or discount. Massive procedure that applies to all items in the program

Recover GPS Coordinates

Automatically Recover GPS Coordinates in the Intervention Report in the App in Cloud. Monitor Real-Time Location of Technicians

The Addons by Categories


Add functions to the standard program, from easy to complex


Reporting that automate processes in the program and automate manual operation


Choose and edit the visual look and texts of your documents: Invoices, reports, Billing lady